About us

At TNL (The Net Linkers), we started as manufacturers of various cables for connecting two devices.... be it computer to computer, mobile device to computers or connecting the internet to a computer or a mobile device.It has always been a journey for TNL... we do not aspire to reach the destination, as there is no limit to our aspirations and so are the opportunities available... we at TNL are exploring them!!!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide affordable charging solutions to the new age mobile users. The journey has been continuous since the year 2006, and rest assured quiet eventfull!!

We can easily boast of our capability to produce any kind of communication cables. Our current emphasis is on "EARPHONES". Yes the ones you may be having put on to listen to the music of your choice. Most probably we are the pioneers in manufacturing ear phones indigenously, in India. You, as our users may have purchased our product from a very popular chain of stores in West and South of India. Our nearest aspiration is to venture into Asian market.

Rest assured of our quality and diligence to remain in your Hearts through your Ears!!!! We are in the process of providing affordable listening.